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S.H.E. Clinic

Bleeding disorders in women and young girls can affect everyday life – from missed days at work to missed time in the classroom but often the disorders go undiagnosed. On the third Monday of each month, Hematologist Dr. Beverly Schaefer and Gynecologist Dr. Shaveta Malik at the Specialized Hematology Experts Clinic – S.H.E. Clinic, can diagnose and treat bleeding disorders in the female population.

The S.H.E. Clinic, a division of WNY BloodCare, is a medical home for females at every stage of their lives. 

Bleeding disorders in girls and women can impact school, work and play. Heavy bleeding could be a sign of a bleeding disorder. Bleeding and clotting disorders in girls and women can go undiagnosed.  In fact, of those that present with heavy menstrual bleeding, 20% – 30% could have a bleeding disorder. 

The S.H.E. Clinic is one of a handful of clinics in the country bringing together Hematology and Gynecology to provide diagnosis and treatment to girls and women with bleeding and clotting disorders.  The S.H.E. Clinic offers specialty lab analysis that starts with a simple blood test. Varying treatments are provided depending on the individual needs of patients. 

S.H.E. Clinic services include: 

  • Hematology evaluation 
  • Specialty lab 
  • Gynecology 
  • Reproductive strategies
  • Drug therapy
  • Social Work

The S.H.E. Clinic is held once a month at WNY BloodCare. Telemedicine visits are available for those eligible for remote visits. 

A visit to the S.H.E. Clinic and a simple blood test may improve your quality of life!

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