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To help make your life easier, we give you quick access to a variety of forms, all in one convenient location

For Patients

Use this form to request medical records for yourself or to send to a provider/entity that is not listed as one of your providers in your intake paperwork.

This form is used to file a written grievance or incident report that occurred while at or with any staff of WNYBC. All patients and/or patient’s families may submit a written grievance and/or incident report without fear of reprisal.

For Providers

Use this form to request medical records for a patient of WNYBC.

Infusion Education

At Western New York BloodCare, we understand how daunting self-infusing your factor products can be. Our clinical staff wanted to provide an educational resource for both patients and caregivers on the step-by-step process of self-infusing. We hope this video proves to be helpful, and if you’re still left with any questions or concerns please reach out to our nursing staff by calling us at (716) 896-2470.


Useful Links

WNYBC prides itself on being a great resource for those within the bleeding disorders community. Below are some useful links for your reference. Never hesitate to call the office at (716) 896-2470 if you need additional assistance.

HANDI is NHF’s Information Resource Center. Be informed on how to receive emergency alerts that may affect your area.


Other Bleeding and Clotting Disorders:

Other Resources:

Pharma Resources:

Insurance Information

There are many continuing changes within health insurance today. Even with a great insurance policy, always be sure to understand your coverage. WNY BloodCare stresses the importance of knowing every aspect of your insurance policy coverage and regulations, as they are varied.

Many insurance plans now require a preauthorization and/or pre-certification for hemophilia services. Preauthorization equals permission to receive certain outpatient services. Pre-certification equals medical necessity for a requested service (i.e. factor).

Understand the difference between these terms:

  • Deductible – a fixed dollar amount you must pay before your plan begins to pay.
  • Co-payments – a set amount you pay each time you have a hemophilia related service (some insurances are taking a co-pay on factor now).
  • Coinsurance – percentage of the cost of your care for which you are responsible (for example 80/20 –  the Center receives the 80% from the insurance company and you pay the 20%). Some policies, however, are as high as 50/50, which could result in your responsibility for thousands of dollars.

It is very important to know which of the above apply to your individual policies.

Most pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs designed to ensure that our patients are able to continue to receive their medication even if they lose their health insurance coverage or are underinsured and cannot afford their co-pays or coinsurance on their medication (i.e. free trial programs, co-pay assistance programs, free factor programs, etc.).

If you are interested in any of the above patient assistance programs, are experiencing a current issue with your health insurance, or are expecting an impending change in your insurance, please contact us at (716) 218-4007 for assistance.

If you have a specific question regarding your insurance policy, please contact our Account Receiveable Specialist at (716) 218-4014.



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The Compliance Hotline for the Western New York BloodCare is a private, dedicated phone line in which staff, patients, vendors and others can report concerning and/or suspicious activity associated with the Center.

The Compliance Office will not attempt to trace your call or determine who you are. Please leave a message with your compliance concern in as much detail as possible. If you would like the Compliance Office to follow up with you directly, please also leave a number where we may contact you.


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