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Services at WNY BloodCare

Hereditary blood disorders can affect males and females of all races and socio-economic levels. There are many types of blood-related hereditary disorders; hemophilia is the most common.

People with bleeding disorders may face challenges that are physical, psychological, financial, and may even have obstacles that affect their employment. They are better equipped and prepared for these challenges through the education and care they receive at a Hemophilia Treatment Center. Multidisciplinary care centers like Western New York BloodCare provide comprehensive treatment, hope, and answers for a healthier life.

Comprehensive care

comprehensive care

Comprehensive Care is an integrated, multidisciplinary, holistic approach to caring for people affected by bleeding disorders. Blood disorders can affect all areas of life, from daily interactions with family and friends to the career path one chooses and retirement lifestyles. Integrating medical providers, nurses, physical therapists, dentist, geneticists, dietitians, social work and the pharmacist under a single provider umbrella in a single clinical location streamlines and focuses care delivery for individual patients effectively and efficiently.

Comprehensive care and appropriate use of Factor are complementary components of successful treatment for bleeding disorders. Integrating the two – which is what happens when people take advantage of our Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) specialty pharmacy – creates superior outcomes for people affected by bleeding disorders.

Please note that Comprehensive Clinic appointments may last up to three (3) hours if seeing all available disciplines. This is also the case for your annual visit.

Home Therapy Program

Home therapy

WNY BloodCare offers a home care program that enables people with bleeding disorders to be infused with their clotting factor at home. The missing clotting factor is administered in the home by the patient or with a family member assisting in the process.

This home program provides immediate treatment and avoids the delay, stress, and cost of emergency room care. Patients or family members are trained to administer the factor and can be visited at home by WNYBC staff for follow up if necessary. Electronic home infusion logs are available to track home therapy.  Home infusion logs are reviewed by the provider to monitor continuity of care.



In one of our most important programs, Western New York BloodCare provides education to patients about their diagnosis, medical management, and treatment. Education is offered throughout the patient’s lifespan to include the transition into continued age spectrums.

Education is a team effort that involves the patient, family, physicians, nurses, our social worker, physical therapist, and the genetic counselor. Community education is also offered. School visits, employer visits, home visits, and educational presentations are available to community physicians and nurses who would benefit from learning to identify symptoms of bleeding disorders in their patients. 

Social Work

social work

Our Licensed Medical Social Worker meets with all of our patients and provides support and guidance through an annual assessment of psychosocial issues, and will provide need-based community referrals.

The following services are available through our Social Worker:

  • Need-based community referrals
  • Insurance navigation
  • Transportation problems
  • Insufficient factor coverage
  • Behavioral health
  • Substance abuse
  • Vocational/educational services
  • Housing
  • Disability support

If you are a patient/caregiver and need to speak with someone regarding any of concerns noted, or any other psychosocial need, please feel free to contact us today at (716) 896-2470 ext. 4007.



WNY BloodCare Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy is committed to optimizing personalized care for patients with a bleeding or clotting disorder. To provide holistic care, our clinical pharmacist participates directly in our patient’s comprehensive care visits as a part of our multidisciplinary team approach.

Having a pharmacy embedded within our clinic allows for enhanced care coordination, shared decision-making, real-time response, and reduces the fragmentation found when pharmacy services are handled by a separate entity.

Our pharmacy experts have direct confidential access to our patient’s electronic medical record, allowing for an intimate knowledge of the patient and the patient’s visit when filling prescriptions, which cannot be achieved by an outside dispensing pharmacy.

Our pharmacy team is comprised of a Certified Pharmacy Technician, a PharmD Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist Specialist in Hematology/Oncology and a Clinic Informatics Pharmacist Specialist. Our diversity in expertise allows for excellence in medication management for our patients diagnosed with Hemophilia and other blood disorders that WNYBC manages. See the conditions we treat here https://wnybloodcare.org/what-we-treat/

Pharmacy education is performed by our Board-Certified Hematology/Oncology pharmacist and done at the point of care in conjunction with the patients’ primary team. Evidence-based literature has demonstrated pharmacist involvement in the comprehensive care model results in:

  • improved patient education
  • improved adherence
  • less medication errors
  • reduced hospital visits

Our door is always open to patient or medical provider inquiry when unsure about medications or in support of medication management. To learn more call us at 716-856-2470 or by email: Pharmacy@wnybloodcare.org

Pharmacy hours: 8am – 4:30pm, Mon-Fri




WNY BloodCare has incorporated telemedicine into our treatment options to improve access and care for our patients. We understand that situations arise when a physician is needed but an on-site visit is not an option.

Telemedicine is the use of audio and video communications over a secured network to facilitate a patient encounter with a medical provider from the comfort of the patient’s home, or designated location. A telemedicine visit may include speaking with a doctor, nurses, nutritionist, geneticist, and social worker.

WNYBC physicians reserve the right to determine when a telemedicine visit is appropriate.

Hemostasis Lab


Since bleeding and clotting tests are specialized and time sensitive, sending specimens to out-of-town labs often results in duplication of tests and delays when time is of the essence. We are the WNY region’s only lab to make a critical investment in state-of-the-art instrumentation, and an extensive test menu specifically designed for bleeding and clotting disorders. This high level of laboratory precision results in a high quality of medical care, rapid turnaround, greater efficiency, and reduced costs.

Comprehensive testing of all bleeding and clotting disorders ensures:

  • Rapid response and turnaround
  • The right tests at the right time
  • Non-duplication of time sensitive tests
  • State-of-the-art equipment, like our MSKUS unit
  • Most cost-effectiveness for both insurers and insured
  • On-site consultation & interpretation of results
  • Lab tests

Our specialized diagnostic laboratory offers physicians, hospitals, and insurers state-of-the-art local lab services with the potential for up to a two-hour turnaround  – a capability never before offered in the area. In fact, we are the only local or national lab providing this rapid response for go or no-go surgical decisions when there is a suspected bleeding or clotting disorder. This up-to-the-minute service results in reduced length of hospital stays and fewer delayed surgeries.

Our investment in the latest equipment is designed to benefit both your provider efficiency and, most importantly, the health of your patient. We provide consultation services on interpretation of results, quality assurance, and fast turnaround, especially in emergencies. It all adds up to a more cost-effective resource for both insurers and insured.

We are a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified laboratory. 

WNYBC Heavy Period Clinic

she clinic doctor

Bleeding disorders can affect everyday life – from missed days at work to missed time in the classroom. Bleeding and clotting disorders can often go undiagnosed. On the third Thursday of each month, Hematologists Dr. Beverly Schaefer and Dr. Katie Carlberg, Nurse Practitioners Andrew Wurster and Emily Diaz and Gynecologist Dr. Shaveta Malik can diagnose and treat persons with heavy periods at WNYBC’s Heavy Period Clinic (HPC).

 Our Heavy Period Clinic (HPC) is a medical home for individuals presenting with heavy periods at every stage of their lives. The Heavy Period Clinic (HPC) serves with respect all people with heavy menses regardless of gender identity or gender expression.

 Heavy menses may be a sign of a bleeding disorder. In fact, of those who present with excessive menstrual bleeding, 20% – 30% may have a bleeding disorder.  WNYBC’s Heavy Period Clinic (HPC) brings together Hematology and Gynecology to provide diagnosis and treatment to individuals with heavy periods and perform a workup for a bleeding disorder. The Heavy Period Clinic (HPC) offers specialty lab analysis that starts with a simple blood test. Treatments are provided depending on the individual needs of each patient.