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Think Social Challenge Video Instructions

August 14, 2020

General News

The National Hemophilia Foundation & Takeda Present:

Think Social Challenge Video

Here are the 5 steps to participating in the challenge:


  1. Come up with a funny acronym for VWD. Once you come up with a funny acronym, be sure to tell people what VWD actually stands for, which is von Willebrand Disease. 
  2.  Provide people with a fact about VWD. Please use one of the following facts:
    • VWD is the most common inherited bleeding disorders and is underdiagnosed. 
    • VWD affects 1 out of every 100 people.
    • Common signs of VWD include frequent or hard to stop nosebleeds, easy bruising & heavy or longer than normal menstrual cycles.
  3. Encourage people to visit THINKVWD.COM
    • Be sure to say "To learn more, visit!"
  4. Record a short video with all above elements. Try to make your video short and sweet - no more than 30 seconds. 
  5. Post to your social media and challenge others to do the same. Post your video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and call out and tag your friends to take the challenge. Let's make this go viral!


Remember to #THINKVWD on all your social media challenge posts! 



Do you know what VWD stands for? I think VWD stands for "Very Wide Donuts." No actually , I am just kidding
VWD stands for von Willebrand Disease, which is the most common inherited bleeding disorder and is
underdiagnosed. To learn more, visit

What is VWD you ask? - Well I know this is hard to believe but VWD stands for Velociraptor with Dentures. I
knew you wouldn't believe me, because it actually stands for von Willebrand Disease, which affects 1 out of
every 100 people. To learn more, visit

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