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CALL TO ACTION: Last Day to Act!

June 10, 2021

General News

Dear Advocates,


WE ONLY HAVE ONE DAY LEFT TO ACT TO PASS THE PATIENT ASSISTANCE BILL - TODAY! S.5299/A.1741 recently passed the NY Senate and we need your help to pass it in the Assembly.  Today's the last day of the legislative session for the rest of the year, so act today and help patients afford their medications!



·  Email your legislators through our automatic, easy-to-use form: ask them to support our Patient Assistance bill. To participate with just one click, go to:

o http://bit.ly/BanCopayAccumulators

·  Call Speaker Heastie’s office TODAY at (518) 455-3791 and urge him to bring patient assistance bill A.1741 to the floor for a vote before recess! You can use the script here: 

o "My name is ________ and as a New York State resident, I urge you to put patients first.  Please help keep prescription drugs affordable for patients by passing the patient assistance bill A.1741 before adjourning. Thank you!"

·  Engage with legislators on social media by reposting what we have shared or by creating your own. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at @nysbdorg for more information!




New York State bill S.5299/A.1741 will require health insurance companies to count any assistance you qualify for toward your co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket medication costs. This bill prevents health insurance companies from surprising you with things like copay accumulators, where they reject the assistance, or take the assistance money and bill you for the full costs anyways.  


If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Cox, the New York State Bleeding Disorders Coalition's Coalition Manager, at lindsay.cox@nyhemophilia.org. 


Your donation to our Foundation will help us make a difference.

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