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NYS Bleeding Disorders Coalition May 2021 NYS Advocacy Watch

May 7, 2021

General News

May 2021 NYS Advocacy Watch

Bob Graham, NYSBDC Public Policy Director
Lindsay Cox, NYSBDC Manager

With the new state budget passed, the Legislature has moved on to many other issues including Covid related relief and how to safely re-open the state. Here are updates on the bills we’re tracking this year!


Patient Assistance

  • Goal – ensure patients can use private party aid, e.g. co-pay/deductible assistance, etc.
  • S.5299 (Rivera) – Passed the Senate Insurance committee, awaiting Senate floor vote
  • A.1741 (Gottfried) – Passed Assembly Insurance com., awaiting Assembly floor vote
  • History – Previous bill passed Senate, stalled in Assembly Insurance committee

Prior Authorization Reform

  • Goal – limit barriers to care by creating guardrails on prior authorization rules
  • S.6435A (Breslin) – In the Senate Health committee
  • A.7129 (Gottfried) – In the Assembly Insurance committee
  • History – Previous bill stalled in Assembly

Pharmacy Access Reform

  • Goal – ensure equal patient access to a local and mail order pharmacy option
  • Sponsors are being lined up and bill language reviewed
  • History – Previous bills have stalled in committee

Non-Medical Switching

  • Goal – ensure access to medications by barring adverse mid-year formulary changes
  • S.4111 (Breslin) – Passed the Senate on 4/27/21
  • A.4668 (People-Stokes) – Referred to Ways and Means committee on 4/28/21
  • History – Previous bill vetoed by Governor in 2020


  • Goal – ensure a robust program which also covers many people with bleeding disorders
  • The passage of the New York State Budget in April delayed the transition of the Medicaid pharmacy benefit from Managed Care to the Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS) Program by two years, until April 1, 2023.


  •  Virtual Calls to Action – Good news - your advocacy work has made a real impact! The Patient Assistance bills that we advocated for at NYSBDC's Virtual Albany Days 2021 have passed through their committees and are now on the State Senate and Assembly floor! Now we need your help to encourage legislators to vote in favor of the bill. Head to nysbd.org for more information and specifics on what you can do to help us pass the bills above!
  • NYSBDC Story Collection Project – Now is the perfect time for you to get involved with our advocacy efforts by sharing your story about living with a bleeding disorder! Sharing your voice can make a big difference. Help lawmakers and community members understand:
    o What bleeding disorder do you or a family member have?
    o How has it affected you?
    o What do you hope for the future?
    By sharing your story, you help to put a human face on the issues. Answer these questions to start telling your story. Share your story at: rb.gy/8q0bue

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