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Resources for parents

March 26, 2020

Covid-19 News

For parents at home with their kids during this time, it can feel overwhelming and stressful as you try to navigate home schooling, keeping your children engaged, and having fun. Here are some resources to help if you are looking for activities, online resources for education, and everything else in-between.

  1. Mommy Poppins – This website has a list of activities and resources specifically for parents to do during the Coronavirus. They have resources for online tutoring, STEM activities, help with home schooling, and many more. This would be a good resource to start with, especially if you don’t know where to begin.
  2. Virtual Museum Tours – This site has links to 12 different virtual museum tours. It allows you to see art, history, and science museums around the world without leaving your home.
  3. San Diego Zoo Cams – The San Diego Zoo has over 6 different live cameras. The animals are always on the screen and some cameras are motion activated to follow the animals moving through the exhibits.
  4. Audible – While schools are closed, Audible is offering free services for children books. They will allow certain books and stories to be streamed to a computer, tablet, or phone at no cost.
  5. Common Sense Media – This site has gathered apps, online resources, and articles to help during the Coronavirus. They have done the work of finding these resources and organizing them to find the ones that are best for you and your child.
  6. Storytime From Space – You can watch an astronaut read a story from space!
  7. Puppy Playtime – This site has live cameras of puppies playing, wildlife sanctuaries, aquariums, etc. This is a great way to watch animals and wildlife from home.
  8. But Why Podcast – This is a podcast for kids! It explores different questions and is great for curious kids. This is also an interactive podcast where adults can help kids submit questions that can be answered.
  9. Journaling- Our children may not be aware but Coronavirus has created unprecedented changes to our daily lives in a short amount of time. Journaling is a good way of documenting the things that are happening, while also being able to express their concerns and emotions.
  10. Pen pals and letters- When face-to-face contact is limited we need to think of different ways to socialize. Having your children write letters to family members, friends, and even strangers can be a good distraction and means of communications.
  11. Many local nursing homes are not allowing visitors at this time and many people have started writing to residents. This can help spread closeness and kindness during this time.
  12. Be a family first- You may feel a lot of pressure to suddenly be an educator overnight. But remember the most important thing is to be a family and try to find the happiness and fun during this time. Yes, school work is important and making sure your children are doing their assigned work. But it’s almost impossible to re-create school at home. Reach out to the teachers if you need help or tips and use the resources available to you.

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