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Looking Back... And Ahead

November 7, 2019


Looking Back... and Ahead!

In its 50 years servicing the community, Western New York BloodCare has established itself as the premier diagnostic and treatment facility for blood and clotting disorders. Staffed with a number of the most innovative physicians and medical professionals in the US, Western New York BloodCare is committed to providing comprehensive treatment for pediatric and adult patients, providing the diagnosis and care of women often undiagnosed bleeding disorders at the SHE (Specialized Hematology Experts) Clinic.
In 1969, Hemophilia Center of WNY was founded in the city of Buffalo with the mission of delivering comprehensive care for patients with blood disorders. Recognizing that there was a distinct need for such a facility, the founders worked diligently to advocate and educate, growing in staff and services over five decades. In 2019, HCWNY became Western New York BloodCare, and relocated to its current office at 1010 Main Street in Buffalo’s ultramodern medical corridor. Recognizing that the community had grown, and the care of all blood disorders is as important as our work with Hemophilia, we decided to let the world know what we do. We have long diagnosed and treated patients with many types of bleeding and clotting disorders; Hemophilia is only part of what we do. In fact, our patient population is comprised of individuals with a broad spectrum of blood disorders.
Western New York BloodCare’s continued growth is a tribute to its committed physician group, who are leading the way in research, diagnosis, and treatment of bleeding and clotting disorders. The foundation has been integral in developing increased awareness within the medical community, and in 2019, the HCWNY Foundation donated nearly $1 million to the University at Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine with the intent, “to support a career development award aimed at addressing a shortage of physicians in the region who specialize in treating non-malignant blood disorders.” UB’s media release stated, “In an environment of shrinking federal research funding, the Hemophilia Center of Western New York’s [Western New York BloodCare’s] philanthropic gift to the University at Buffalo will help to ensure that a new generation of academic hematologists has the opportunity to test and study novel ideas that may impact the future of care.”
Our state-of-the-art laboratory was the first in the region to incorporate equipment specifically designed for bleeding and clotting disorders. Our specialty lab provides complex analysis of blood samples with a quick turnaround time. In just two hours, our staff can provide life-saving results to physicians and surgeons that are making decisions regarding a patient’s care. The phlebotomists at Western New York BloodCare routinely take in samples from surrounding hospitals to perform this important and time-sensitive testing.
The S.H.E. Clinic at Western New York BloodCare is a premier care facility for women with blood disorders. As explained in this video, “The idea of the S.H.E. Clinic is to provide comprehensive care using multiple disciplines. We have a hematologist – a pediatric as well as an adult hematologist, so we are looking over the entire lifespan of young girls and women. We have an OB-GYN who specializes in girls and women who have bleeding disorders and are in need of reproductive health counseling or managing adult gynecological needs. We have a specialized coagulation lab…we have a geneticist…a dentist who specializes in treatment of [people with] blood disorders, and a whole ancillary staff…”
In addition to the S.H.E Clinic, our facility hosts a monthly comprehensive care clinic for both adults and children. Our staff physicians are on hand to provide the best care for our patients. Appointments are required, and dates are listed on our website.
Our mission supports the community of people with blood disorders outside of the walls of our facility. We have sent athletes to compete in the Getting’ in the Game Junior National Championship in Arizona, with a few winning ‘Outstanding Performance’ honors. The event is designed to give children the opportunity to experience a weekend full of education and friendly sports competition in baseball, swimming and golf. The focus is on living a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity.
We also sponsor the annual “In My Blood” walk to raise awareness for bleeding and clotting disorders. Registrants are encouraged to form teams for the walk, and the family friendly event brings the people of Western New York together to support our community.
Our Chapter Services hosts many such events throughout the year. Annual seasonal and holiday parties are only a few examples of events where patients and families can network, share stories and learn that they are not alone. In addition to family-friendly events held at local venues, we also work closely with specialized medical summer camps where kids with bleeding disorders can join together and have safe fun.
Our dedication to health and wellness extends beyond our patients. In 2018, Western New York BloodCare (then Hemophilia Center of Western New York) was named a finalist as one of Western New York’s Healthiest Employers by Business First. The program started to explore healthy experiences as a group and encourage a sharing of these experiences. Some of the exercises include lunch and learns about alternative therapies and daily walks during lunch.
We reach beyond Western New York to support our patients, as well. Our Foundation hosts Albany days, which is an annual overnight trip to Albany with HTC staff and patients who wish to speak directly to our state legislators at the Capitol building in the spring. Participants are briefed on the current political issues and have direct access to the lawmakers through constituent meetings at the state capital.
Western New York BloodCare also joins the National Hemophilia Foundation on an overnight trip to Washington DC and invites HTC’s and their patients to meet with their federal representatives and discuss current political issues that have a direct impact on their health care. Participants are trained on the issues and encouraged to “tell their story” to the lawmakers in Washington.
At our facility, in our laboratory, in our S.H.E. Clinic or one of our comprehensive clinics; at one of our events, or even traveling to state and national capitals, Western New York BloodCare is supremely committed to providing superior care, impactful treatment, important research, and life-changing solutions to the community of people with bleeding disorders. We welcome anyone to join us in our campaign.

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