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Organization set to look back while moving ahead during historic year

NEW YORK — In 2023, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) reaches its jubilee year with a special 75th anniversary celebration. To note this historic milestone, NHF is launching a year-long campaign entitled “The Red Thread,” which will trace NHF’s long history of providing the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community with resources and programs related to advocacy, education, and research.

Established in 1948, the National Hemophilia Foundation has long been one of the nation’s leading organizations dedicated to serving patients and families living with inheritable blood and bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, ultra-rare platelet disorders, and more. Since then, NHF has established a legacy of history, hope, and progress.

“This is an amazing moment to not only reflect on NHF’s impact to advance research, health care legislation, and other impacts throughout our 75-year history, but to also look forward to the organization’s next chapter,” said NHF president and CEO, Dr. Leonard A. Valentino. “The more inclusive we become for all bleeding and blood disorders, the more progress we can make in creating an equitable health care system for our community’s vocal and passionate advocates.”

In celebration of this momentous milestone, NHF will have a variety of celebratory events, content, and programming throughout the year as part of “The Red Thread” which will tie together the organization’s history and achievements throughout the years.

Activities include regional celebrations, interactive social media – including a regular Tuesday Trivia series on Instagram – history themed webinars, legislative lookbacks, and more. Most notably, an interactive timeline at hemophilia.org/75 will allow community members to explore the various intersections of NHF’s most important moments. Throughout the anniversary year, NHF will also shine a light on the important work and legacy of its expansive nationwide network of over 50 chapters.

Additionally, to commemorate the organization’s long and impressive history, NHF’s award-winning magazine HemAware will publish anniversary-themed online articles each month on HemAware.org beginning in late January 2023, and deliver a special anniversary issue in summer 2023.  These items will showcase the compelling stories of the organization and its constituents and point to the future of NHF’s next next era: creating an inclusive world that truly supports the entire inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community.

NHF was originally founded by Robert and Betty Jane Henry, parents of a young boy with hemophilia. When their son, Lee, was born, the only treatment for hemophilia was blood transfusions, and the life expectation for a person with hemophilia was just 24 years old. However, the Henry’s were determined to do everything they could to make life better for their only son – including frequent blood transfusions from father to son.

Since then, the organization’s core values have remained unchanged – to find cures for inheritable blood and bleeding disorders and to addressing and preventing the complications of these disorders through research, education, and advocacy enabling people and families to thrive.

In late summer of 2023, the 75th Anniversary celebration will continue as NHF publicly reveals a rebrand that will introduce a new organizational name and logo that is inclusive of the entire community.

“This special page turn in NHF’s story comes at the right time,” says Dawn Rotellini, NHF’s chief operating officer. “This anniversary honors the organization’s history while finding the future.”