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In selecting a treatment for hemophilia A, it’s important to become familiar with the different therapy
options that are available to you today, and to understand their benefits and risks based on individual
patient circumstance.

In this informative presentation, Dr. Claudio Sandoval, our resident hematologist, will provide an
overview of those treatment options, including Factor 8 (F8) replacement therapy, both human cell
line-derived and hamster cell line-derived, as well as non-factor treatments – Emicizumab and gene
therapy. Dr. Sandoval will compare and contrast the potential benefits and shortcomings of each
alternative to help you make informed treatment decisions.

Learn about:

  • The importance of informed choice
  • F8: the foundation of hemophilia A therapy
  • Non-factor treatments – Emicizumab and gene therapy
  • And so much more

This informative live webinar event will be followed by an interactive Q&A session. Dr. Sandoval will be
happy to answer all your questions.

Attendance is open to all Factor My Way members. Not yet a member? No problem!
Visit https://factormyway.com/f8foundation to join the program and register for the webinar, and to get access to all Factor My Way member benefits!