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Call to Action

Tell Gov. Hochul to ensure people have equal access to the pharmacy service they need!


Bill A.5854.A/S.3566 will help guarantee people have equal access to a local/in-person or mail order pharmacy

and not be forced to use mail order. Our community has fought hard for this access. This year A.5854.A/S.3566

easily passed the NYS Legislature. Now we need Gov. Hochul to sign the bill into law.


How you can help:

Click on the link below for the Governor’s website.


  1. Fill in your information so they know you’re a real person.
  2. Select “Legislation” for the Topic
  3. For Subject fill in A5854A/S3566
  4. For Message say why access to an in-state pharmacy or HTC for you factor is important, or use this sample:

Different people have different needs. Everyone should have equal access to a mail order and local pharmacy

    for all of their medications. Please sign A5854A/S3566 into law today! 


Your voice makes a difference! Tell Governor Hochul to pass A5854A/S3566 today, and re-post our messages

on Facebook and Twitter @nysbdorg