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Wellness Wednesday

June 30, 2020

General News

Wellness Wednesday

- Mindfulness meditation asks us to be in the present moment, observing sensations but not reacting. Mindfulness meditation and yoga are great options to reduce anxiety and stress and promote mental wellness. Learn more about mindfulness training and find a guided meditation here


- Coloring or drawing a picture can reduce stress! It can help improve focus and support relaxation that helps us sleep which reduces anxiety and develops brain function.  Find free adult coloring pages here


- Working from home during COVID-19 has created extra stress and anxiety. Be sure to prioritize physical and mental wellness by maintaining a sleep schedule, creating a designated workspace and taking breaks. Find tips to survive working from home at


- This #WellnessWednesday join us in celebrating the official Wellness Month of August! This month dedicate time to self-care, creating healthy routines, and stress management. Learn more about this month and take the wellness pledge here:


- Your mind is a muscle, let’s work it out! This #WellnessWednesday take some time to train your mind to be more mentally healthy by meditating, choosing to be present, and prioritizing sleep. See more tips here:


- Nowadays there seems to be a podcast for every subject imaginable - including wellness! This #WellnessWednesday consider listening to a podcast that focuses on a healthier mind and body, such as ‘Mental Illness Happy Hour’ or ‘Food Psych’. Find more here:


- Eating nutritious foods can help us achieve a healthy lifestyle. This week’s #WellnessWednesday tip is to eat lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and high fiber foods. Save money by buying frozen or dried produce! For more information, see here


 - Did you know that you have a second brain? It is in your gut! This #WellnessWednesday, take some time to nurture the brain-gut connection by eating foods rich in probiotics like yogurt or taking supplements - it can improve your mental health! 


- Did you know that sleep deprivation can be linked to medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and mental illness? This #WellnessWednesday tip is to prioritize sleeping by staying away from caffeine late in the day, not using electronics in bed, and having a sleep schedule!


- If you want to stay healthy, one of the best things to do is to stretch your muscles! Our #WellnessWednesday tip of the week is to regularly stretch to remain flexible and mobile. Check out these 15 everyday stretches to relieve tension now: (talk to our physical therapist Aaron Burch when you schedule your next appt)


- If you are looking to delve deeper into your wellness journey, take some time this #WellnessWednesday to find a new book focused on wellness! From tips on happiness to plant based eating, there are books for everything! Check out this list for some recommendations:


- Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to staying healthy! Water helps us to regulate body temperature, carry oxygen and nutrients to our organs, and remove toxins. This #WellnessWednesday try to drink at least 8 cups of water and consider adding sliced fruit for a fun twist!  


- As the temperature begins to dip, it is important to continue adding wellness into our routines. This week’s #WellnessWednesday tip is to keep prioritizing wellness in Fall by still getting outside and eating nutritious autumn veggies. Find more tips here:


- As temperatures drop, we know that the cold and flu season is upon us. Some #WellnessWednesday tips to stay healthy and stop illness in its tracks include washing your hands often, staying hydrated, and getting the flu vaccine if you can. Read more here:


- As summer fades and the days get shorter, many people may find themselves suffering from low energy, sadness, and irritability. These symptoms may point to seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This #WellnessWednesday combat SAD by journaling, calling a friend, and getting outside.

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